Zeno & Tiffany | Atlanta, GA

Zeno and I are wedding vendors ourselves, and we first discovered Ushas’s wedding coordinating power when we worked together as vendors for a mutual client. We saw how level-headed, organized, and on time she was with the schedule. We decided that we needed her for our own big day, and man, oh man, having her was the best decision we made. From start to finish, Ushas made sure we were knocking out our checklist items and staying on track to getting things done especially with our busy schedules. She did an amazing job with scheduling meetings and communicating with our vendors to make sure they were on the same page. Ushas was also always very good about giving suggestions for a more cost effective option for certain things so that you’re not over paying! We all know that wedding planning is super stressful, so if you need to vent about the wedding process, she’s there. On the day of, we loved how direct Ushas and Hannah, her assistant, were with our guests in helping them to move along to get them to where they needed to be. Both of our parents were extremely happy with how Ushas kept everyone on track, and they loved that they didn’t have to worry about where they needed to go or what they needed to do. Thank you so much, Ushas! We love you!