Robert & Ayesha

Miami, FL

March 2022


Moises & Minna

Miami, FL

February 2022


Jack & Ann

Fort Lauderdale, FL

January 2022

From our very first phone conversation with her, we were instantly able to tell how compassionate she was in order to help make our vision a reality

Juel & Julia

Fort Lauderdale, FL

January 2022

If you are looking for a wedding planner, your search ends here. Her passion and love for helping others really shines through her work. Don’t hesitate to go with Ushas just because you don’t live in Florida.

Subin & Jaimy

Dallas, TX

October 2021

Our crazy, pandemic wedding was at times, the epitome of Murphy’s law—what could go wrong, likely did. We appreciate all of Ushas’ time, effort, and patience as we planned and celebrated our wedding!

Cyril & Anita

Chicago, IL

September 2021


Jake & Cynthia

Chicago, IL

September 2021

1 Corinthians 13:13. “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.”.

Jaison & Neethu

Chicago, IL

August 2021

Time and time again, she always seemed to magically have everything we needed at exactly the right moment, throughout the entire wedding planning process. 

Jill & Amanda



Ushas did a phenomenal job making sure our rehearsal and wedding day ran smoothly. We are very thankful we had her.

Steven & Reshma

Chicago, IL

July 2021

She let us enjoy the moment and took everything out of our hands. We don’t know what we would have done without Ushas, we were so blessed to have been able to work with her.

Jason & Anin

Fort Lauderdale, FL

June 2021

Her artistic vision really took our wedding to the next level. She had great insight, was so professional, and our friends and families loved her.

Arun & Sheena

Cherry Hill, NJ

May 2021

having her take over the planning was the biggest blessing! she never allowed me to be stressed out about any detail and went above and beyond to make sure i was in the loop about every big and small decision.

Sabu & Sumitha

Boca Raton, FL

April 2021

She was professional, compassionate, detail-oriented and took care of setting up our wedding & reception like it was her own.

Anson & Alka

Tampa, FL

January 2021

She did an amazing job of making sure no stone was left unturned and absolutely everything was accounted for in preparing for our wedding day.

Jeffrey & Steffi

Miami, FL

November 2020

From start to finish, Ushas was a godsend. On top of all the hard work Ushas was doing day in and day out, she was by far one of the sweetest people. She made what seemed like the impossible come to life.

Joel & Marsha

Tampa, FL

October 2020

If it wasn’t for Ushas, we are not sure if our wedding would have been planned and executed successfully, when we only had 1 month to plan everything from scratch.

Thoma & Reshma

Lake Geneva, WI

August 2020

You were nothing but phenomenal and your hard work truly showed that you really cared about the outcome of our wedding.  

Jerin & Tina

Dallas, TX

February 2020

From the beginning Ushas was a complete pleasure to work with. She is a highly motivated, organized, personable and professional wedding planner with the sweetest heart 

Dallas, Tx

May 2019

If you think you don’t need a wedding planner, think again! Trust me, you might think you can go with just anyone but it’s not the same.

Arun & Denise

Chicago, IL

May 2019

This lady! Deserves all the praise!  She made our dreams come true for our wedding.

Jones & Sherry

Fort lauderdale, FL

October 2018