Sabu & Sumitha | Boca Raton, FL

So where do I start? Ushas and I go back to when she was just a teenager – we had lost touch and she “randomly” came into where I work when things were getting set with my beautiful wife – Sumi. She told me she had an event planning business and I told her I might be calling her soon. Near the end of 2020, I started planning my wedding and called a wedding planner and realized there was no way to fit them into my budget. Then I went to my sister’s place and she told me I should try calling Ushas to see if there was a way we could work together. After looking at her website and how great the reviews were, I decided to take a chance because I was excited to work with her! So I called her – needless to say, she fit my budget and we started working together starting November 2020.

Looking back, having her take over the planning was the biggest blessing! She never allowed me to be stressed out about any detail and went above and beyond to make sure I was in the loop about every big and small decision. I always felt like my opinion mattered, but she was not afraid to recommend better ways to do things based on her experience. In addition – ANY TIME and I mean ANY TIME I had a question or issue – I would just call, email or text and I would get a prompt response, which is so important to me. She was uber professional throughout the experience. There were many issues to overcome as we had two potential dates for the wedding, Feb 2021 or April 2021 – due to immigration issues. She rejoiced with us at every good milestone and prayed for us at every stress point!

Ushas is the queen of the details! We had five or six meetings to discuss progress and she summarized those meetings in great detail – spelling out exactly what my responsibilities were and what hers were. SO HELPFUL! She was juggling so many things like work and school and other events, but I NEVER felt like I was given any less attention because of this. I am not sure when and/or if she ever goes to sleep!! Her attention to detail was such a blessing, especially because of the timeline she created for us for the day of the wedding. If followed, this was supposed to help the day flow smoothly.

So the wedding day finally came, and what a beautiful day it was!! My wife and I were so overwhelmed and pleased with the result (my whole family was, in fact). My wife and I felt so pampered…we basically had nothing to do except show up! Meeting with her after, we realized there were some issues with vendors that she had to deal with, but my wife and I had no clue – once again, Ushas’ goal was to provide a stress free day for my wife and I to enjoy our family, friends and, most of all, each other. And all I can say -> “SUCCESS!!!” I don’t believe in “coincidences” – I know with all of my heart that Ushas came back into my life when she did, because God knew we would need her for this day. We are so grateful to God and to her for how everything turned out! Best of all, we did not just gain a great event coordinator that we would recommend to ANYONE, we gained an addition to our family!