Joel & Sneha | Denver, CO

Where do we even start?! Ushas was one of the best vendor decisions we made! We were initially reluctant to get a coordinator for our wedding, so after a lot of asking around and conducting research, we found Ushas. After our initial conversation, we liked how personable and professional she was. We started working with her a few months before the wedding and she was the biggest help. It was such a big sense of relief when she took charge of the wedding planning… it felt like a weight was lifted off our shoulders. She took care of planning every detail (details we would have missed if we didn’t have her) and was very organized with how she approached every task. Creating the itinerary was the task I dreaded the most but she stepped in and worked with us to create the best itinerary for us. She wore many hats- from being a graphic designer to learning how to make my brother’s pocket square look REALLY nice, we could tell that she genuinely cared about us and our wedding. My Dad loved how she went and watched a YouTube video to learn how to make the prettiest pocket square on the spot. She is a quick thinker and has a “we can get it done” mentality which makes her that much better as a professional. On wedding day, she ensured that we’d be stress-free and calm. We didn’t have to worry about a single thing and even after the wedding, we talk about how calm we were on a day we thought we wouldn’t be calm at all (because of Ushas). I was touched by the way she pushed my hair back before I walked down the aisle and how she noticed that a single curl was coming undone (something I would not have noticed and would have definitely regretted later for pictures). She also touched our family members and was very personable with them. They all have nothing but good things to say about her and how they’re glad she took care of everything so they could enjoy the day with us. Thank you, Ushas, for being one of our best decisions!