Joel & Marsha | Tampa, FL

My name is Jeena Korattiyil, sister of the groom. My brother’s original wedding plans were supposed to be in India a few months back but those plans fell through due to the pandemic.

When the -last minute- decision was made to have the wedding here in the States, I became the designated wedding planner. Although it was a “covid wedding” all the planning, details and coordinating still had to be done. My family and I started the process for about a week, and then soon realized all of this needs to get done within a month. Planning a full on wedding in a matter of weeks?! In the midst of this stressful time, a friend recommended Ushas to me.

I reached out to Ushas and she so kindly and gladly accepted this last minute event. She reassured me that we will get this done and it will turn out great. After just moments of speaking, we were on the same page with everything. Even when discussing the rate and package, not once did I get the notion that she was trying to coerce me into a pricier package. I told her that I wanted her to completely take over all planning and coordinating; she herself told me that since I had already done some groundwork I didn’t need the full planning package and that partial planning would do. This was a professional woman running her own business all while expressing such honesty and transparency, something you don’t always come by.

The wedding weekend consisted of two full days, one being the engagement/chanthum charth/mylanchi day & the other being the actual wedding day. Ushas drove from Miami to Tampa, came straight to our house to make sure we were all good and set up, and she immediately got to work. The whole weekend she was here she was running errands, picking up and purchasing items, adjusting details to accommodate last second changes, checking in on us, organizing with vendors and so many more things behind the scenes.

From start to finish, Ushas was a godsend. She is super quick and responsive. There was never a point where I had to wait for her to get back to me on anything. Even on numerous late nights, she had no problem texting or calling me to discuss whatever questions or concerns I may have had. She went well beyond her job description to help in every way possible, and she did it so gracefully. The day of the wedding an unexpected errand had to get done, and although I knew Ushas would be busy and I hated the thought of adding one more thing to her list, I knew the second I called her she would take this task off of my hands. Even when I didn’t ask for the help, she so graciously volunteered in so many aspects.  She was more than accommodating with her time and efforts. When I was to the point where I just wanted this wedding to be over with, she would unknowingly get me excited again with cute ideas and additions to make the wedding special. Another important aspect I was thankful for was how mindful Ushas was of prices when finding items we needed to purchase; even without me having to ask, she would find the best deals. I was the main point of contact for Ushas for this wedding, but she was also in contact with the bride/groom, multiple community aunts/uncles, priest, vendors etc. With all of the people she had to be in touch with, and all of the pieces she had to sort through, Ushas organized this wedding seamlessly. On top of all the hard work Ushas was doing day in and day out, she was by far one of the sweetest people. She was such a pleasure to talk to and work with. My family, the vendors, and multiple community members were all raving over Ushas during the process and even after the wedding was all over. She made what seemed like the impossible come to life. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for Ushas and everything she did for us to make this planning process and the wedding weekend itself come together so beautifully. There are no cons I can think of about her or her work, Ushas is truly amazing and I can wholeheartedly say you are in great hands when choosing her.