Jill & Amanda | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Looking back on our wedding planning process, we can wholeheartedly say that the best thing we ever did was to book Ushas as our full-service wedding planner! We both have very busy schedules, and planning a wedding from out of state, with different cultural backgrounds, was an exciting but very daunting task for my husband and I. We very quickly realized that we needed the professional guidance and sentiment of a wedding planner, and Ushas was such a blessing to us both!
Not only is she very knowledgeable regarding wedding venders, venues, food, the list literally goes on and on…. But she is genuinely one of the kindest and most patient people you will ever meet! Time and time again, Ushas always seemed to magically have everything we needed at exactly the right moment, throughout the entire wedding planning process. She set up zoom meetings with various venders, and helped us to narrow down the millions of tasks and choices to exactly what we were looking for. She met with us on multiple occasions, and even stayed up for late night phone calls, due to our hectic schedule. She carefully listened and implemented each detail, in a delicately precise manner.
Our special day was what we always dreamed it would be. Beautiful, lovely in every way, and so very special. We know that we couldn’t have done this without the tremendous help of our friend Ushas. Not only did she provide high quality service for the most special day of our lives, but Ushas went way above and beyond what we imagined a wedding planner would offer. We noticed details on the wedding day that we didn’t even think to address, but Ushas already had taken care of everything. She was steadily and humbly working behind the scenes to ensure our wedding day was nothing but perfection. Ushas was literally involved in every single intricate detail. She was completely invested, kind, professional, creative, and perceptive… she was exactly what we needed. Not only was Ushas a special part of our wedding day, but she truly became a very special part of our lives and for that we are forever grateful!